I'm Mary VanAlstine! I just got married in January 2017 (husband's a huge-ass nerd, handsome, works for a computer company, better than all my imaginary boyfriends ever), I've got a grown up job as a psychiatric technician, and soon I'll have my own art room. So I'd say I'm pretty damn grown up. However, once a nerd kid, always a nerd kid. I love fantasy, drawing, and video games most of all. I do art constantly, whether on my Cintiq or on a scrap of paper in public while I'm waiting for something, I don't care. I love creating worlds whether by designing my video game avatar or dabbling in new written ideas. My nerd blood runs deep - my dad is a published science fiction writer. I'm happy to keep putsing with webdesign even as an adult, but I can't say I've gotten any better than I was when I was 14!