Hi! I'm Mary VanAlstine. I'm somewhere in my early thirties, but depending on the day I can't remember where. I'm a mental health therapist to a lot of really great clients. My tall nerdy husband, our dragon boy, and our league of cats and puggle live in a quirky little house in Saint Paul. I also have an abundance of tattoos. I love all cartoons ranging from Bluey (OOSE!) to Bob's Burgers (on repeat), and I'm back into the world of manga and manhua after a fourteen year break. Ever since I was an awkward teenager, I have had my head in the clouds of my fictional worlds. I created a band of characters who speak of my soul and have kept honing my art skills primarily to indulge in my own fantasies (I even tried an undergrad art major and an art therapy program that I was like...ugh just let me draw my OCs). As I've gotten older, I've pivoted back into leaning into my weirdness, and it's brought me immense happiness.