My identity as an artist consists of a lengthy collection of graphic novels and novels that I've written. I started drawing graphic novels as a 7th grader using printer paper and a mechanical pencil. I wrote a four-volume graphic novel based on my cat Cinnamin. Then I wrote two standalone graphic novels, one about a social justice movement involving vamapires and half-vampires, and the other about vampires and Christianity. I finished high school with a two-volume graphic novel about kings and magic. Then during college, I wrote a novel about a girl an a wolf; then one about a guy who catches fairies; then I turned my vampires and Christianity graphic novel into a killer novel that got super dark and intense (more about that below); then I wrote a novel about feminism and glowing dragons; then I wrote a novel about dreams and former friendships. SO MANY SEMICOLONS JUST HAPPENED. Anyway, because I was a giant nerd, I got pretty in depth with these writing worlds I created. I built different websites around them, including a website entirely dedicated to my vampires/Christianity novel. I made another website called My Mental Breakdown, which showcases all the graphic novels and novels I wrote as a teenager/young adult. Enjoy!

In 2023, I began publishing The Heartwood Trilogy, a queer contemporary romantasy starring Andrew, a quiet human, and Micah, a half-faerie prince trying to hide from his magical nature. Deny Me, The Nightshade Boy was published in September; Rend Me, The Wayward Knight in January 2024, and Promise Me, Lord Heartwood in June 2024.

One of those projects, The Terror of Night, was in the works to become a published novel - so it has its own personal website with a layout I still love some 4 years later, and a very elaborate website including a timeline of the project itself, a gallery, and its own characters page. So please take some time to appreciate The Terror of Night, my precious religious vampire horror novel. (nervous laughter)

I have another website that takes you into my creative world from beginning to end, and introduces you to the foundational characters I've used in a number of my works. Also, they all have pretty pictures.