My foray into graphic novels started when I was a seventh grader. Up until college, my graphic novels were drawn with pencil on printer paper and stored in folders which are now crumbling. Thus, my early work isn't available for viewing.

However, I still have two incomplete comics available for your viewing pleasure on separate parts of my website. Please enjoy Cadence and Stealing from Raquildis.

Cadence is a fantasy set in the backdrop of a rolling forest and roaring river, and revolves around the unfolding destinies of a quartet of siblings whose origins are in the stars. Teeming with tension, romance, and magic, Cadence is visually stunning and full of life.
This project began its first time around when I was a junior in high school, and I finished its second original volume as a senior. You can read about that version of the project here. Two years later, I began a novel format of the story. When this failed to encompass the visual prowess of the magic in the story, I started rewriting the graphic novel when I was studying abroad in New Zealand. At this time, I inked the lines traditionally and finished the coloring and typesetting digitally. My studies abroad played a major part in the reworking of the character designs. However, eventually it became too much to keep up in my ever busier life, and ultimately I completely forgot where the new version of the story was going. This story has some new pages that were added in 2016, and then I totally lost steam again because it turns out I kind of hate this story...hehe.

Stealing from Raquildis is the beginning of a graphic novel based on a short story I wrote and finished of the same name. It is a concise tale about a reclusive witch named Raquildis and the good-hearted thief who climbs through her window to "rob" her. The pages are all done digitally and suffered a major setback due to my intense urge to create a controlled color climate - which is all but impossible to see on all but the best and brightest computer monitors. While I like the novel, the graphic novel pages became too heavy-handed to dive into.